Snoonet Channel Stats

StatsBot is a bot which collects and displays detailed statistics about a channel, including user rankings, totals, and notable numbers. For an example, look at the stats for #snoonet

To summon Statistics to your channel on Snoonet, simply invite it to your channel.
/invite Statistics #channel

To remove Statistics from your channel on Snoonet, kick it out like you would any other user.
/kick #channel Statistics

Users can get a link to your stats page in the channel by using the !stats command. For example:
<flotwig> !stats
-Statistics- Stats for this channel can be found at

Note: Stats are not generated instantly, so it may take an hour or two for your stats to be generated initially. Please be patient.

Note for channel owners: If you operate an invite-only or otherwise join-restricted channel, please add an exception for StatsBot so that he can rejoin if he is ever rebooted.

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